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Dental Care in Beaver, Pennsylvania

Keep your child's teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime when you turn to the professionals from Dentistry for Children and Teens, Inc. in Beaver, Pennsylvania and East Liverpool, Ohio, for dental care. Our dentists work with your children to help them maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.
Dentistry Building — Beaver, PA Location - Liverpool, OH and Beaver, PA
A Wide Array of Services
It is important to start dental care early to help your kids maintain optimal oral health. At our office, we offer a wide array of Pediatric Dental services so your children can achieve an award-winning smile they can confidently show off, including:
• Exams
• Cleanings
• Fillings
• Sealants
• Extractions
• Caps
• Crowns
• Night Guards
• Preventive Services
• Non-Mercury Fillings
Working with You
Going to the dentist can leave you and your child feeling a little anxious and stressed.

When you come to us, we explain all the dental care and treatment options available, as well as inform you of additional steps you can take at home.

We believe this will lead to a more trusting doctor/patient relationship for many children.

Call our office today to schedule your child's appointment for our dental care services to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Click here to download our Pediatric Dentistry Health History and Patient Information form.
Both our Beaver and East Liverpool offices are conveniently located on the main street and provide off street parking. Our Doctors and staff always strive for both you and your child to have a positive experience. Please call today to schedule an appointment. (724)-774-1920 265 3rd St, Beaver, PA 15009