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A healthy mouth is part of a child's overall health. Children need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak, and smile. Your child's teeth also help shape their face. Bacteria in the mouth change the sugar in food to acid that attacks the teeth. This acid attacks the teeth for 20 minutes or more with each exposure, and ultimately causes cavities.


  1. Teeth need to be brushed a minimum of 2 times each day. An adult needs to brush the child's teeth at bedtime until the age of 8.
  2. An adult also needs to floss the child's teeth at bedtime until the age of 10. This is the only way to clean between the teeth.
  3. Only a small dab of toothpaste is recommended when brushing. If your young child dislikes the toothpaste, it is not necessary at first. A wet brush will clean the teeth. After a while, try again. Toothpaste provides fluoride and freshens the breath.
  4. NEVER put a child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup that contains milk, juice or any liquid that has sugar or other sweeteners. Water is acceptable.
  5. Prevent constant snacking and drinking. This feeds the natural bacteria in the mouth and causes cavities.
  6. WATER is always a good choice and is fine anytime.
  7. Chewing gum is fine as long as it is SUGAR FREE.


  1. Even though children need the nutrition in milk and juice, drink these ONLY at mealtime. Milk and 100% juice have natural sugar and will cause cavities. When given with meals, food helps absorb the liquid sugars.
  2. Limit the number of snacks throughout the day. Children who have multiple snacks or graze throughout the day have more sugar exposures and more cavities.
  3. Confine eating and drinking to 3 meals and 1-2 snack times.
  4. Constant sipping or snacking will lead to tooth decay. Examples of good snacks are: cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables, popcorn, pretzels, etc.
  5. Sticky foods (fruit snacks, gummies, raisons, etc.) should be avoided. They stick and remain in the grooves of the teeth, which easily leads to decay.
  6. Soda pop is acid and sugar- AVOID it.
  7. Gatorade, sports drinks, Kool-aid, Huggies, etc. are also loaded with sugars – rarely or never give them to your child.
  8. Avoid cereals high in sugar content. - If the milk changes color, it has too much sugar.

General Tips

  1. At 6 months, offer the cup. Wean from the bottle and drink only from a cup by their 1st birthday.
  2. Avoid chewing ice and hard candy. This can fracture the enamel.
  3. “Lift the lip” each month to check for beginning cavities.
  4. Do not share toothbrushes. Bacteria are passed through the saliva.
  5. Wear a mouth guard where contact is involved. (Basketball, soccer, wrestling, football, baseball, etc)
  6. Take care of yourself! Your children learn by watching you.
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